Thursday 29 September 2022

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Not Another Postal Trike! – UK’s Royal Mail Postal Service Find Zero Carbon Way...

The UK’s Royal Mail postal service can trace it’s history back over 500 years to the time of Henry VIII when he established in...

Aquaculture – A Fishy Business That Is Starting To Swim In The Right Direction

Simple, but significant story from EuroNews that shows how ‘at sea’ managed fish farms and ‘on-land’ aquaculture are cleaning up their act in an...

STOP PRESS: Billionaire Bill Gates Talks Absolute Sense About The Environment

One fact - one question. If Jesus, when he was born, was visited by the Three Wise Men and given the same wealth as Bill...
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UK Power Company Ditch Old-Style Coal and Gas And Go 100% Clean Energy

Scottish Power, who supply 10% of all electricity in the United Kingdom, have announced it expects to spend £2billion in the UK in 2019,...

How Do You Get Rid Of Old Offshore Wind Farms?

Nothing lasts forever. Things get old or worn. Technology changes all the time. And the offshore wind power industry is not immune, nor will...

How Wind Power Made Highlanders Happy – And Scotland A Global Powerhouse

Of all the beautiful locations on the planet, the Highlands of Scotland consistently comes high on people’s ‘got to go there’ places as a...


Boss Gets Tied To Windmill As Every Train In The Netherlands...

Here’s a couple of amazing facts that might be of interest. The first is that Roger van Boxtel, the 64 year old CEO of...
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