Wind Energy Gets Drivers Free Parking And A Cheeky Use of Bus Lanes In Norway

Here’s a question for you: How many seconds would it take you to order a new car if you were promised that car had magical powers but cost a similar price to the one you were driving now?

Yes, magical powers. It was a car that you could park in a city and NOT pay car parking charges. It was a car that you could drive in a Bus Lane during those busy inner city commutes. It was a car that NEVER had to pay a road toll. Oh, and the car was exempt from taxes and that dreaded VAT.

Finally, it was so magic, you would NEVER have to buy a litre of petrol or diesel again.

If it took you more than five seconds to make you mind up you are obviously in need of therapy, or too emotionally attached to that old-fashioned lump of metal in your garage.

Would it help you to make a decision if you knew that the car also had zero emissions, was run on electricity, and that electricity was coming from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, wave and solar?

the country is attempting to turn their roads away from petrol and diesel engines to EV in just EIGHT years

Well, that’s a decision that many in Norway are having to make at the moment as the country is attempting to turn their roads away from petrol and diesel engines to EV in just EIGHT years. Several innovative incentives, such as being able to use the bus lane, free public parking, no tolls, VAT, etc. because you drive an emission free car have really helped create the change.

German car makers Mercedes-Benz are desperate to join in on this fast-coming new phase in automobile history and their recent ad is actually quite inspirational. Yet, all they’ve actually done is show what a nation can do if it really wants something bad enough and interviewed some people helping make that change come true.

Yes, Norway made its money on the back of its incredibly lucrative oil industry, but they’ve also invested heavily in renewables and are leading the way in the global energy change. Perhaps one of the world’s big oil nations is about to become its first big ‘all-electric’ nation.

If only more of the planet’s politicians could see the future in such an forward-thinking way.

*Don’t Forget – this was made primarily to sell a product but the factual stuff is just too cool to ignore.

NOTE: For those with an eversion to ‘corporate speak and gestures’, please be aware that this short film does show a person (at 2.03 minutes) using the ‘two handed quote gesture’ to emphasise a point in her words.