Did A UFO Really Stop Wind Turbines From Turning?

    There are many things the folk at Environment TV never expected to cover when we began chronicling the story of the environment of our world

    We expected to write about things such as solar energy being cheaper than coal, ingenious ways to rid our oceans of microplastics, electric cars changing the way we travel, hi-tech solutions to the water crisis, natural solutions to turn back desertification, and a thousand other environment-related subjects, and, of course, one of the biggies… wind power. 

    You know, wind power, that beautiful, hi-tech, clean, forceful straightforward method to simply catch air and turn it into enough energy to supply whole cities.

    However, in our quest to tell of the wonders of the new energy that is wind we have found ourselves, momentarily, edging off the more normal path and have passed into a twilight zone that we can’t ignore. In a nod to the classic sci-fi detectives Mulder and Scully, the rather more ‘sci’ than ‘fi’ journo’s at Environment TV have now opened our own X-File as we look at the suggestion that UFO’s may be as awestruck with wind turbines as the rest of us on planet Earth.

    …footage clearly shows an orb like object flying close to the wind turbines and as it nears two of them the most bizarre thing happens – they instantly stop…

    Footage taken in April 2016 from the Polish UFO ‘Watch Group’ (Grupa obserwacyjna), with its accompanying eerie mood-making music, has come to our attention and supposedly shows a UFO flying close to a wind farm near Lublin in Poland. The footage clearly shows an orb like object flying close to the wind turbines and as it nears two of them the most bizarre thing happens – they instantly stop – only to resume turning once the orb moves away.

    Other wind turbines in the distance keep turning.

    According to the group, the UFO, which had come from an easterly direction, was in the area for over one hour before disappearing.

    There are many things regarding wind that are mysteries to us all – but aliens stopping wind turbines from operating is a new one. Is the UFO driven by an alien wind lover? Or could it even be a protest?

    Incredibly this is not the first claim of UFO encounters with wind turbines. In January 2009 people in Conisholme in the English county of Lincolnshire, were woken in the early hours by a loud noise and bright lights. By the light of day they soon noticed that one of the local wind turbines at an Ecotricity Wind Farm nearby had a 165ft (50m) blade missing, and a second blade was completely bent. This soon fuelled speculation that the blades had been struck by a UFO.

    Indeed, at least one UK news network made a report at the time:

    Initial enquiries left Ecotricity at a loss as to the cause but a subsequent report from Enercon suggested the damage was from failure due to ‘material fatigue’, promptly reported by the Daily Mail at the time as due to ‘a rusty bolt’.

    ‘The Truth Is Out There’

    As the X-Files say: ‘The Truth Is Out There’. And wouldn’t it be brilliant if we later discover that aliens from other worlds were actually here on Earth to admire and, perhaps, copy our rather wonderful way of taking free energy from the space above our heads.

    One final, more serious, note that should be mentioned is that several wind turbine sensors have been developed in recent years that can light up a wind turbine tower if it detects the presence of a flying object, such as a helicopter, in the area during darkness hours. 

    Was someone possibly trialling a system that didn’t just light up the turbine tower but momentarily shut the whole thing down down when it sensed an object was in close proximity? 

    As an added bonus, in the process of researching this story we discovered that the voice of John Wayne was used in the first Star Wars film. Yes, the classic Hollywood Western hero played a part in the greatest sci-fi movie ever made. If that is possible then as far as our wind loving UFO is concerned, we’ll surely keep the X-File well and truly open….