STOP PRESS: Billionaire Bill Gates Talks Absolute Sense About The Environment

    One fact – one question.

    If Jesus, when he was born, was visited by the Three Wise Men and given the same wealth as Bill Gates has today, he and Mary and Joseph wouldn’t have finished counting his wealth by the time of the Crucification. Indeed, if he counted his money at a rate of $1 a second and passed the job over to a team of three, all working 8-hour shifts each day, the team would still only be two-thirds of the way through the cash today. And that’s including working every Sunday and all the other six days of each week.

    they … finished counting the money in the year 3028 …

    Oh, and when these guys had finished counting the money in the year 3028, they might also face an extra few thousand years of money counting if they had banked the money as they had gone along and now had to add the massive interest on their cash.

    Perspective made, we can see that Bill Gates is seriously, seriously, unimaginably rich.

    So fact made, now here’s that question for you: 

    You’re one of the richest people in the world and you’re sat with your partner discussing what your goals are for 2019. Do any of those goals not involve yachts, holidays, new houses, cars, planes, and all the other wonderful things you could do with that lovely cash?

    Well, looks like the Bill and Melinda Gates annual chats about their goals for the year 2019 are slightly more high minded than most of us would imagine and include the fact they feel personally more obliged than ever to do their bit to reduce global warming.

    Yep, you heard correctly, even the people who seemingly have everything they could ever want in life, can see that they too need to play their part in helping to help save the planet. And make everyone aware of whats really going on. Rich or poor, it’s the only planet we’ve got at the moment – and it’s where our kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids and probably even our cloned selves will live in the future.

    So strong is the need to do something that Bill has used the very many talents he has and gone ahead and made a very upbeat short film about his views on giving climate change his formidable ‘can do’ approach.

    And good on him and Melinda for doing so, as part of watching them must surely inspire other billionaires, millionaires, and the rest of us to play our part.

    The couple notably also refrained from saying ‘cow farts’

    Nice upbeat film about the challenges we need to address and I imagine most of us will be frankly quite shocked at how decent Mr Gates comes across as a ‘can do’ presenter. 

    The bonus of the Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter ( as it’s now known, is that Seattle native Bill thinks his hometown’s most famous structure, the Space Needle, is yellow – an idea quickly dismissed by his Texan born wife. The couple notably also refrained from saying ‘cow farts’ – something their actual Gates notes letter suggests most media might want to spend some time talking about.

    Oh, and if you get that far, kombucha is a tea!