About Us


News, features, events, stories and inspiration about our planet and its environment – and a global battle that we must win. 

Through tech, innovation, industry, politics, economics, charities, groups or individual actions, we focus on a movement that is bringing our planet back from the brink of destruction. 

Short on time? Yes! But we have some very useful tools in our armoury. We have knowledge, a world of skills and the cutting edge of new technology. More importantly, we have the will of seven and a half billion people who want to become part of the ‘can do’ generation

As the great Morgan Freeman once said: “We can’t wait until tomorrow”. 

Environment.TV choose to chronicle the great changes that are happening right now and in the years ahead. To share and encourage as we in the world literally tech ourselves, science ourselves, society ourselves, think ourselves and work ourselves out of the greatest threat to human existence there has ever been.

The good news is that we have never been in a better position to take on such a battle than right now – the point where we are at the pinnacle of our knowledge – and we’re going to make it count:

  • We will be there as people catch the wind from the skies and turn it into energy. 
  • We will be there as we take power from our nearest star by increasingly harnessing its solar rays. 
  • We will be there as we use the power of the Moon by holding and controlling the tides it creates to energise our cities and clean our seas. 
  • We will be there as people use the rain and the rivers it creates to power our farms and clean and protect our lands. 
  • We will be there as people use their understanding of nature and knowledge of the past to bring back our grasslands and forests. 
  • We will be there as smarter thinking, cleaner machines and hard work creates new and faster transportation systems.
  • We will be there as better materials, methods and technology allow new cleaner cities to be built and old ones remodelled.
  • We will be there as humanity enjoys thousands of technological breakthroughs, large and small, that help make this planet a better place to live.

We will be there as society moves forward. 

And so, we offer a new innovative addition to the environment story – an Internet TV channel dedicated purely to the environment.


In short, Environment.tv is out there on your behalf. We send journalists, presenters and filmographers on a mission to tell the story of the great battles and advancements in the fight for our environment – as they are happening. We show the sheer beauty and nature of our planet, we tell of the business highs and lows, we tell the human stories and we interview interesting people doing interesting environment related things – wherever in the world they may be.

We will partner, hassle, cajole, pester, but mostly be friends and work with everyone who has an interest that affects the environment. Why? Because we want to make films, features and stories about some of the incredible things that take place every day that are making a difference.

Our goal is to make the best television possible – a channel that believes in the genuine ideals of informing, educating and entertaining.

We are not ‘militant’, nor ‘worthy’, nor ‘right on’ and we don’t see the world as our enemy because people drive cars, eat meat, use plastic, live in concrete houses, or use a supermarket. We just see people who would love to help if they knew what to do and how it could benefit them.

We do want people to know that if they do drive cars…

   …then the fastest legal road car in the world is electric and run by energy produced by wind in the sea.    …or electric cars can get free parking and use of bus lanes in Norway

We do want people to know that if they insist on living in a concrete or brick house…

   … then it is possible to heat and water their homes without cost …or that new types of carbon neutral concrete are being created

We do want people to know that if they want to keep their super yacht…

   …then there are solar powered super yachts that can sail the seas indefinitely and the need for going back to port is when you’ve run out of wine …or these super cool new yachts can turn seawater into drinking water

We do want people to know that if they insist on eating meat…

   …then they should buy steak from animals that roam the African grasslands in great herds and help reverse desertification as they do so …or there are brilliant none or low meat recipes out there that taste a thousand times better than a hamburger

You get the idea, you change the world not by fighting everyone, but by showing how other things are infinitely better, more fun, cheaper, and way cooler than the way we do things right now.


Our team are not environment ‘freaks’, just normal people who can see what is happening, and realise things can change. We see the incredible possibilities of taking on the fight of beating plastic pollution, achieving 100% renewable energy, reversing climate change, and cleaning the air we breathe. 

This new ‘war’ to get back our environment is a beacon for the open-minded, the interesting, the entrepreneurial, and the pioneering – otherwise known as Generation ‘Can Do’. What filmographer or journalist wouldn’t want to spend time with these guys – and what readers and viewers could ignore the story of the great and super interesting battles they are taking on.

Regardless of how we all found ourselves in the world of the ‘environment’, our mish-mash of journalists, old and new, all share a simple idea – to run a TV channel that hates restriction, loves positivity and demands watchability!


Environment.TV is edited by journalist James Black, a former long-time features writer at the Daily Mail – and by a pure twist of fate, the same person who invented the world’s first ever fuel price comparison site (petrolbusters) back in the day and then used the profits to build the world’s first database of recycling facilities in the UK (WasteConnect).

It must be said though, at the time he did it for the money and the fame – and got neither.


We like to think so, and there is the added incentive that we are, literally, trying to save the planet! Ok, most days the office is based at a local coffee shop, a train station, or in a room at the cheapest hotel near our story. The ‘TV studio’ tends to be anywhere that will let us in – and the pay sucks – but who cares when you can get to see so many cool things and meet so many interesting people. 

PLUS… most of us don’t have to sell our souls to do what we enjoy


Near to as ‘Real Time’ as possible here is the list of the things we believe we offer our viewers. Measured in AwesoMETRES (Awes).

  • Facts 100% Awes
  • Entertainment 80% Awes
  • Education 75% Awes
  • Information 80% Awes
  • Environment Awareness 90% Awes
  • News 85% Awes
  • Coolness 65% Awes
  • Worthiness 12%
  • Doom and Gloom 0.01% Awes
  • Information on B-List Celebs 3% Awes
  • Opportunity To Participate In Changing The World 100% Awes
  • Fake News 0.001% Awes
  • Personability 95% Awes
  • Relevance 100%

(This list will be updated every year from January 2025)


We’d like to say we don’t actually care too much what people think of us and what we report on, but that’s not true. We’ve embarked on the greatest reporting mission on Earth – literally – and we must persuade people to be more environment aware or it won’t take too long before we all ‘go to hell in a handcart’ – and that is worse than any bad review.


This is a serious point. If we want you to come spend a few minutes of your time with us every day/week/month we have to make you our personal A-Listers and get the Goodie Bags out:

We will not only go chase the stories that are interesting and positive but we will work for the world’s environment as if it were the last safe place for humans in the dark and incomprehensible vastness of the known universe (actually, that is exactly what it is). 

We will treat our viewers/readers/users as family, not simply customers and will listen to all ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve ourselves and even the direction we travel.

We will work with all organisations to tell their story and highlight, in a neutral and honest stance, how they are playing a part in improving the environment. If they are doing good, we really want everyone to know.

Of course, in typical journo fashion, if we can pull a few deals or tips that can help you save the planet, save some money, get involved, give you a great laugh on the way, etc., then you will be the first to know.

Naturally, even though we believe that every person on the planet has a vested interest in what we are all doing to save the Earth from destruction – we know some people are a bit more ‘blue pill’ than ‘red pill’ (to use a ‘Matrix’ reference) and may be happy screwing up the world for their own shiny dollar or power fix. 

You can be assured we will come down as hard as a breaking ice sheet on the polluters, the emission test evaders, the easily bribed politicians and all those who are wilfully wrecking the only home we’ve got in the universe.


  • Add us to your favourites, and if we do something good – tell people!
  • Follow us on Twitter @Environment_tv
  • If you have a story that you reckon we would find interesting let us know. 
  • If you want to make/present a film/feature/news item for Environment.tv then we need to talk.
  • If you run a business or organisation then let us know and when we create our directory of environment awesome organisations we will add you free of charge.
  • If you run a business or organisation (or live on a super yacht) then pull your finger out and help our filmographers make films and features about the environment by simply sponsoring their production. A package of five different films made by environment.tv filmographers about the great things happening in the world would cost less than sending one of your staff to yet another semi-pointless overpriced conference and your organisation will be seen by everybody that watches those films … forever. 
  • If you want to partner with us in any way, then simply say hello.
  • Carry a camera/phone with you! You never know when you might get to film something interesting that we can show to the world! 

Thank you for getting this far down the page. Everyone said it was waaaay too much copy and readers would lose interest – but I believe those who are interested – are really interested.

Good on you!


James Black

January 2025