They Know Tomorrow Belongs To Those Who See Beyond Today – UN Look For Champions

Narrated by Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, more recently globally famous for his Donald Trump impersonations, the United Nations Environment Organisation have made a wonderful, and very inspirational film to launch their ‘Young Champions Of the Earth’ competition.

‘looking for people … who are … change-makers, rain-makers, and ground-breakers’

The competition is looking for seven young people aged between 18 and 30, selected from every global region, who are, in their words ‘change-makers, rain-makers, and ground-breakers’ and can create opportunity where others see crisis in dealing with climate change.

The ‘Young Champions Of the Earth’ is an open call for applications and the seven winners will receive seed funding (US $15,000), intensive training and tailored mentorship to bring their big environmental ideas to life. They will also receive a crazy amount of publicity (plus £9,000 in funding to communicate their ideas themselves) and get to attend very high-level UN meetings.

So, don’t just sit there thinking about it. If you have a great idea about how we can help the environment – GET A MOVE ON – the planet can’t wait, and you’ve only got until 31 March 2019 before the deadline.

More info is available at: